Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uni Gurl Rawks - Part II

Dear Ladies,
I'm back :) Below are tudung uni gurl rawks part ii..Hurm..this time round i didnt manage to get this tudung with nice "jahitan tepi"..Thus, I will sell this tudung for only RM7 due to this problems..Hope you like it the new collection of uni gurl rawks..Maybe in future, will try to find the this kind of scraft with nice "jahitan tepi" and will sell it to normal price RM8 ok :)

Only RM7

So, here we go ladies.....

1. Orange Polka Dotted SOLD

1. Diva Divana SOLD
I really like this piece..Suitable for those daring girl that like to go for consert, gig..hehe..hihi..so i name this as Diva Divana


1. Red Wall SOLD

Detailings of this uni girl rawks scarf

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