Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Butterfly Soft Pashmina

Below are new and soft pashimina for grabs...This is not like other pashmina that is hard to fold and to wear..This materials is very soft and convinient/easy to wear..This oblong pashimina is available with 2 colors..I'm selling this for only :-

*If some of you unsure how to wear this kind of shawl, nevermind..I will upload video tutorial for yr perusal..Hrm..

But, definately not tonight..Maybe in next 2/3 days ya :) *


1. Purple Butterly SOLD

1. Choco Butterfly SOLD

Detailings...Got Floral and Butterfly Watercolor Painting :)

And yes, with silver lining on this shawl


  1. kak, purple butterfly shawl tu xde stock lg ke?cantik la kak.. =)

  2. hi dear, i just dapat few of this kind of tudung..nanti i upload k..maybe esok eh