Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arabian Diva

Are you inspired by the Arabian Shawl? And would you like to be like an Arabian Diva?? New collection of Arabian Shawl will be meet you real soon… Stay tuned pretty ladies :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fashionable Inner- 3rd Batch

The fashionable inner is back..
The price is only :-

*Kindly click the pictures to enlarge the image*



Tudung Siti Nurhaliza Part II -3rd batch

I'm selling tudung Siti Nurhaliza Part II with beautiful beading and design for only :-


Available colors are (frm left side) :-
Light Peach Pink SOLD
Dark Green SOLD
Dark Blue SOLD
Dark Purple SOLD
Light Beach SOLD
Hot Red SOLD

*Pls be informed, I'm only selling the outer layer of the tudung..Not including the black Tudung Ekin..*

Final Batch Tudung Siti Nurhaliza Part1

RM20 each! :)

Available in 3 attractive colors..

BTW, this is the last batch of Tudung Siti Nurhaliza Part I..

No more this type of tudung siti after this..TQ!

1 Violet SOLD

1 Red SOLD

1 Blue SOLD

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chiffon Sari With Sequins For Only RM90

Description :-

6 meters chiffon sari
gold beading
very nice design
type of sari that have “kaki” kain
1/3 with full beading, 1/3 half beading, 1/3 normal kain
have to lining

Selling for only RM90

Floral Chiffon Sari Available

2 metres full beading design

2 metres half beading design

2 metres normal design

Abstract Chiffon Sari Available

2 metres full beading design

2 metres half beading design

2 metres normal design

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swirl Gold Line Sari

Description :-

6 meters sari
gold line
very nice swirl design
type of sari that have “kaki” kain
have to lining (tapi tak jarang sgt pun, can wear inner)
available in two different colors :- blue swirl and red swirl

Selling for only RM55

Blue Swirl 1 SOLD

Red Swirl 1 SOLD

Detailings of the "kain sari"

the remaining 2 metres u can also make it as tudung :)

kaki kain

gold line

blue swirl

red swirl

Preview Kain Sari For Sale

Hehe..Morning ladies..
Are you searching "kain" for hari raya??? :)
It's about time babe..
I will be updating new style of fabric for becoming hari raya :)

Cuci mata dulu :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fashionable Inner

Available in two different colors :-
blacky red and blacky blue..



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear All,
Sorry for the late reply of your emails, questions and etc..Im so bz these few days..Will try my best to entertain all of your mail/questions...And sorry for the delays ya :(

I want to upload and reply yr mail..But by the time Im return home..Im too tired and so sleepy already..Perhaps, by this weekend this blog shall be operating as per normal routine :)