Monday, April 6, 2009

Tutorial For Hijabis Lover

Hi Ladies,
Below are tutorials that I would like to share with all of you..Feel free to view each video clip. Some of the buyers requested me to show them how to wear the shawl..Well, here u go girl... :)

*My face look so bad bcoz I'm wearing a cheap tudung ekin-the cheap type of jersey that u can get RM5 in pasar malam.TQ *

01- Tutorial Shawl Part I

02- Tutorial Shawl Part II

03- Tutorial Shawl for Georgette With Awning

04- Tutorial "Tudung Siti Nurhaliza"


  1. Thanks for posting the tutorials:) You are really sweet in person. Waiting for more shawl collections;)

  2. hi mili,
    a..ya ya..such a sweet compliment *kembang da*

    thanks ya..ok, will provide more shawl collection...but currently im quite bz..

    hehe..tunggu ya :)

  3. bagus la Dik.. saya dah post kat facebook saya..hehehe.. free promotion for you.. ada diskaun tak?? ;). after tgk tutorial nie makin bersemangat nak beli from you la..

  4. kalau tk pakai tudung ekin tuh, cnne nak pakai pulak ek? :(