Saturday, April 11, 2009

Georgette With Waterlily Sequins

This is square georgetted tudung with many handmade waterlily sequins or so called "manik teratai" on it..Very nice detailings and you can click on the pictures to enlarge the size..

I'm selling this for only RM20 and you cant get elsewhere!

It's availalbe in two different colors
1. Blacky Waterlily SOLD

1. Mango Tango is AVAILABLE

Aha...If you are still blur on how to wear this kind of tudung, feel free to view my video tutorial. I've upload it for your perusal ladies :)

Tutorial Tudung For You Galssss


  1. makcik...dh start business wish u all the best n happy selling


  2. thanks faaz..hikss..tamau beli 1 ka kat awek hang :)

  3. sy mau jugak..but busy skit skrg..nnt mlm sy tengok blk..see u again cik mar..