Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Launching Simply Preety Hijabis

Dear Lovely Ladies,
Thanks for viewing my online boutique...Alhamdullillah..I'm managed to create a blog that selling various type of shawl/selendang/tudung/hijab that i found attractive and sell those items with very reasonable price..

FYI, this blog is not officially launch yet..It's still under construction and i will update this blog from time to time..Hope you like my hijabis collection and you will drop by to this blog regularly..Fell free to be follower of this blog or maybe you can bookmark this blog as your favourite blog list??? ;P

Hrm..will updates my latest collection..Hope you guys like it :)
Till then, assalammualaikum..

1 comment:

  1. saya suka tudung yg awak pamer kat sini... cantik. saya dah submit form untuk nak beli tudung2 tuh... so nanti contact la saya untuk saya senang nak membuat pembayaran